Hot Mugshot Guy Gets A Modeling Contract, Cute Mugshot Girl Gets… Arrested Again! See Her NEW Mugshots HERE!

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Busy week for Mugshot Hall Of Famers!

First, Jeremy Meeks, AKA the original Hot Mugshot Guy, got himself a new opportunity.

After his face stopped a thousand hearts (which totally added another few years on his sentence), a lot of modeling agencies took notice.

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Now the convict has officially signed a contract with White Cross Management as a model and actor!

Let’s just hope for his sake he’s a model prisoner; he could be released for good behavior as early as November of this year!

Then we also got an update on Cute Mugshot Girl Alysa Bathrick this week! Unfortunately for her, it wasn’t nearly as positive as Jeremy’s.

It seems the 18-year-old Alysa was arrested yet again over the weekend, this time for shoplifting instead of dealing Xanax. Here are her new mugshots:

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We assume they took two once they knew they had a celebrity. LOLz!

She may still be cute, but she doesn’t look nearly as pleased with herself. Maybe she’s finally going to learn that crime doesn’t pay?

Then again, public defenders are cheaper than head shots we guess.

Mar 6, 2015 1:01pm PDT

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