Jack White Is A BIG Elvis Presley Fan! Bought The King’s First Recordings In An Auction For A Cool $300,000!

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Well, it’s one for the money! Three for the auction!

Three hundred thousand to be exact!

Jack White was the one who bought the unreleased first recordings from the King himself — Elvis Presley!

And he was able to win by bidding a whopping $300,000! And Jack is NOT being greedy with his new purchase! In fact it’s quite the opposite!

The hard rocker bid and won the recordings — which include an 18-year-old Elvis doing covers of That’s When Your Heartaches Begin and My Happiness on 78 rpm acetate from 1953 — at an auction that took place at the Graceland Mansion this past January 8th.

And Jack White is planning to release them on vinyl through his label Third Man Records really soon!

Like April 18th soon! Which happens to also be Record Store Day!

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Jack says that he’s doing the release “in order to create an object so close to the historic original as to almost be indistinguishable from one other.”

Sounds good to us! It’s so nice of him to buy the first records Elvis ever made and then immediately give it to the public!

He’ll make some money off of it, but still!

He’s ALSO doing this for the love of the music! And we love him for doing so!

[Image via WENN & Image via Twitter.]

Mar 6, 2015 10:00pm PDT

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