#TheDress Makes Its Way Onto American Idol But Also A Domestic Violence Ad?? That Dress Can Transform For Any Situation!

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You’ve seen #TheDress, right?

If you’ve been anywhere near the internet, or near anyone who has internet, you’ve probably at least heard about #TheDress.

It’s from a British clothing store called Roman Originals and it’s totally blue and black. In real life at least.

Online? Still up for debate.

It even made its way onto American Idol, riding on the back of Idol contestant Jax (pic below!).

Ryan Seacrest was still confused by #TheDress’s power, tweeting out:

#TheDress not only has the power to change colors and confuse TV hosts… it could also change how some people think!

All thanks to a powerful domestic violence ad by the South African branch of the Salvation Army, that is.

They tweeted out a picture of a woman, covered in bruises, with a bloody nose and black eye, wearing #TheDress:

The photo intentionally alters the colors to show the dress as only white and gold.

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It’s a pretty powerful way to capitalize on a viral phenomenon. What a great way to piggyback a good message on a viral illusion!!

So, which color do U see it as? Has it changed for U?? Let us know in the comments!!

Mar 6, 2015 12:33pm PDT

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