Teacher Sues Facebook Over Vagina Painting! And So Far He’s WINNING!

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A teacher in France is taking Facebook to court over a painted vajay.

Per the social network’s policy, they suspended the man’s account after he posted a picture of a bare vagina on his page.

Now the man is demanding about $20k in damages for being censored!

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The thing is, the image is far from what one might call smut. It’s an 1866 painting by Gustave Courbet called L’Origine du Monde, or The Origin Of The World.

The NSFW(?) original (see it below) is considered fine art and is currently on display at the Mus├â┬⌐e d’Orsay in Paris (where performance artists occasionally bare their own “origins” in front of it).

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The teacher argues that Facebook punishing him for posting the image is a violation of his free speech.

Facebook’s immediate response to the complaint — made in a French court — was to claim that legal disputes with them could only be held in California.

But Paris’ High Court has now ruled against FB, deciding that it does indeed have jurisdiction — even calling Facebook’s legal clause “abusive.”

The teacher’s attorney Stephane Cotineau applauded the decision, saying:

“This decision will create jurisprudence for other social media and other internet giants who use their being headquartered abroad, mainly in the United States, to attempt to evade French law.”

Now the trial will go ahead on May 21st — in France.

[Image via Facebook.]

Mar 7, 2015 12:01am PDT

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