Award-Winning Irish Setter Was Murdered With A Poison Steak

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This is quite the whodunit…

Jagger, an Irish setter who won the Crufts Dog Show this year, passed away on Friday, and the cause of death has been determined: poison!

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The pup was fed some steak that contained “slug killer,” and according to reports, it may have happened at the show. The dog’s co-owner Dee Milligan-Bott gave an interview and said:

“An autopsy has revealed he was poisoned. The timings from the autopsy make it clear the only place this could have been given to Jagger was while on his bench at Crufts.”


This is some serious stuff!

Crazily, there were also two other dog who got sick on Friday, and their owners were sure that they’d been poisoned.

A spokeswoman from Crufts has spoken out following the reports, saying:

“There are lots of security measures in place at Crufts to ensure the safety of both dogs and owners, including CCTV, security guards and of course the vigilance of tens of thousands of dog lovers. Whilst every measure is in place to protect dogs at the show, it is important that owners remain vigilant and avoid leaving their dogs unattended on benches, which is in fact stated in communication that is sent to all exhibitors before the show. No one has eyes in the back of their heads so we appreciate that this may not be possible at all times, but keeping watch over your dog will minimise the risk of anything happening to him or her.”

And according to a report, some dogs are left alone for up to 15 minutes.

We hope the other doggies are going to be okay and that the find the culprit because this is awful!

[Image via AP Images.]

Mar 9, 2015 8:57pm PDT

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