Why Haven’t Demi Lovato & Kelly Clarkson Ever Collaborated? Kelly Reveals The Reason Behind Their Musical Misfire HERE!

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Kelly Clarkson recently joked that she was having a hard time finding duet partners.

But what about Demi Lovato?

[ Video: Kelly Clarkson & Jimmy Fallon Sing The History Of Duets! ]

Gurl LOVES the American Idol star so much she even used the screen name “Little Kelly” when she was younger!

So why hasn’t that collab happened?

Turns out it ALMOST did. Kelly revealed:

“We almost got to work together, but I was pregnant and she had asked me to sing, I totally was down, but it just didn’t work out. She was touring, I was super pregnant and not feeling well and it didn’t work out this time, but it totally will.”

OK, you’re all witnesses! Because we are TOTALLY going to hold Kelly to that!

We’d love to see these two gals get together! And so would Kelly! She said:

“I love her; she’s so sweet. Every time we see each other, she’s always like, ‘Kelly Clarkson, she’s so nice, and so awesome, we’re both Texans.'”

This lovefest needs to be on our iPods already!

Until then, can someone mashup Heartbeat Song and Heart Attack?

[Image via Josiah True/WENN.]

Mar 10, 2015 3:16pm PDT

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