McDonald’s Is Adding Kale To Its Menu! After They Made Fun Of The Leafy Green!

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McDonald’s has a BIG change happening on its menu! The fast food giant is reportedly preparing to add kale to its salads and smoothies!

That’s the word coming from analysts at Janney Capital Markets, but it is a surprising move considering McDonald’s had released an ad earlier this year that claimed their Big Mac sandwiches would never be kale!

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We guess the fast food giant has had a change of heart — although they’re not confirming the news just yet!

Here’s what one spokeswoman said:

“As we continue to listen to our customers, we’re always looking at new and different ingredients that they may enjoy.”

Give us a break. Just confirm it.

And according to analyst Mark Kalinowski that ingredient will be kale! He wrote how the addition of kale would help the company’s health image, writing:

“Adding kale to the menu in some way could help be a step in this direction.”

We’re not gonna believe this until we see it, but it does seem like it might actually be happening!

We never thought we’d see the day when kale would be added to a McDonald’s menu, but we guess anything possible nowadays!

And if this report is true, then we’re definitely lovin’ it!!!

Mar 11, 2015 3:01pm PDT

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