Sherri Shepherd’s Court Battle With Her Ex Will Soon Come To An End — Judge To Make Final Ruling In Surrogate Baby’s Legal Guardian

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After seven long months, Sherri Shepherd will finally know if she is the legal mother to the baby boy born via surrogate last August.

The final decision will be made by a judge in Pennsylvania on Wednesday.

Although the 47-year-old isn’t biologically the mother of the 7-month-old baby, she agreed to have a child via surrogate with her estranged husband, Lamar Sally. There has been a ton of drama between the two ever since Sherri tried to back out of the contract.

The former View host reportedly believes Lamar only wants the baby because he’s trying to swindle child support money from her. However, the LA-based scriptwriter thinks differently.

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Lamar said:

“[Sherri] said, ‘I will love the baby like it’s mine.’ She signed all the paperwork except for the birth order, a legal document that states who the intended parents are.”

Hence why the two are also in a legal battle to figure out if Sherri will be made the legal mother of this baby.

Tiffany Palmer, Lamar’s lawyer, spoke on behalf of the scriptwriter and said:

“We believe it’s in this child’s best interest to have two legal parents, and those parents are the people who brought about his conception, Lamar Sally and Sherri Shepherd.

We are confident that once the court hears all the witness testimony and legal arguments the court will make a decision that is in the best interest of this child.”

We’ll have to see what the judge’s decision will be.

Hopefully everything turns out well for both parties and the child in question.

[Image via Ivan Nikolov/WENN.]

Mar 11, 2015 10:35am PDT

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