Anonymous Hackers Threaten BBC In Response To Top Gear Host Jeremy Clarkson’s Suspension!

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Jeremy Clarkson‘s Top Gear gig may look to be going up in flames right now, but he has one huge pit crew willing to help.

And they’re not all playing nice.

Clarkson was suspended on Tuesday after getting into a scrape with a producer that allegedly ended in punches being thrown.

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The controversial host was already on probation after some racist comments last year, so this seems to have been the last straw for the BBC.

But his enormous fan base is throwing their support behind him — in both legit and not-so-much ways!

A member of the hacker group Anonymous has threatened the BBC with a hack attack!

In the announcement of the threat campaign known as #OpBringBackClarkson, the hacker wrote:

“Dear BBC, you don’t wanna piss off 300 million people [an estimate of the Anonymous support base].

You are warned: DDOS cannons will fire if you don’t comply.”

Such an attack could potentially shut down the BBC’s Internet capabilities, at least temporarily.

But is this a credible threat?

An online petition to reinstate Clarkson has garnered a whopping ​440,000 signatures already, the most on in years.

But will the BBC give in to the demands?

[Image via Warner Bros/Lia Toby/WENN.]

Mar 11, 2015 1:17pm PDT

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