ANOTHER Racist Video From Oklahoma’s SAE Found — Only This Time It’s The 79-Year-Old House Mother Dropping The N-Word Over & Over!

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The University Of Oklahoma was shocked by the racism on display in the now infamous Sigma Alpha Epsilon video.

Two students have already been expelled over the scandal.

But is this really such an isolated incident?

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One person who said she was in shock at the video was SAE’s House Mother, 79-year-old Beauton Gilbow.

Unfortunately, it looks like the apple didn’t fall too fall from the racist tree, as student newspaper The Oklahoma Daily uncovered Gilbow — known to the house as Mom B — in her own racist video, dropping the N-word to the tune of Trinidad JamesAll Gold Everything!

See the NSFW awfulness (below)!

See? She’s like Weird Al, only racist and unfunny.

Like Howard Dixon, SAE’s African-American cook, Gilbow had a crowdsourcing page set up for her after the closing of SAE meant she was out of a job.

Dixon’s Indiegogo page has raised nearly $60,000.

Gilbow’s had raised about $6k, but the page disappeared after the video surfaced.

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Mar 11, 2015 9:54am PDT

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