Marina And The Diamonds Opens Up About Her Third Album Froot… While Dissing Madonna In The Process!

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Marina and The Diamonds has been making the media rounds for a while now in support of her third studio album Froot.

But while she was trying to gain recognition for her hard work, she may have accidentally made an enemy at the same time!

That’s because while talking about the negative aspects of pop music, Marina made a pretty major diss towards Madonna, saying:

“Because I was working with such huge people, like Dr. Luke, they weren’t going to listen to what I had to say about production. It was more like: ‘What’s the successful sound right now?’ And really it’s a shame for me to do that, because I’m not that type of artist. That was the gripe. It was nothing to do with the songs. I love the songs.

I stopped touring after being on the road for four years├óΓé¼┬ª I wasn’t desperate to succeed any more. I genuinely wasn’t bothered. And I’m glad I feel like that now, because it’s such a torment. People think it’s great to be motivated and have this drive, but I never had a true egotistical side – like, for example, Madonna. She needed to be in everyone’s minds. That’s not something I want. So I was reassessing what I wanted.”


But… we kind of get what the 29-year-old is saying.

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice any of your creativity just to make it in the international market.

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Plus, Marina already has a No. 1 album, so now that she’s achieved fame, we’re really excited to hear her get back to her roots for Froot!

While she’s slowly released six songs over the past six months, the album in its entirety comes out Friday, March 13!

Let us know if you’re #TeamMarina or #TeamMadonna in the comments (below)!!!

Mar 12, 2015 5:33pm PDT

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