Suge Knight’s Lawyer Believes The Rapper Is Not A Flight Risk Because WHY?! Read The Crazy Reasons HERE!

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Suge Knight‘s lawyer is one creative guy!

As Knight awaits trial for the brutal murder of Terry Carter, his lawyer is making a case for why the rapper should be released on bail.

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Hmm, that might be a tough case to sell in light of the 49-year-old’s extensive rap sheet!

The lawyer argues that Suge is not a flight risk for a multitude of reasons, especially the fact that he’s too big (Knight is 315 pounds) and too well-known to hide.

Umm, what an inneresting point!

To make the plea even more appealing for the judge on Friday, the record producer says he’s happy to undergo home detention with a monitoring bracelet in exchange for his freedom.

Obviously, prosecutors aren’t behind the bail idea and they worry that outside of prison the Compton native will threaten eyewitnesses to testify on his behalf.

So, do YOU think Suge should be released on bail?

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Mar 12, 2015 8:46am PDT

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