Jeff Corwin Caught A Giant 800 Pound Stingray In Thailand! May Be The Biggest Freshwater Fish Ever Captured! It’s Going To Find A Way To Eat You!

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This man deserves a raise!

Jeff Corwin recently found something ah-mazing in Thailand in the Mae Klong River where the reality star was filming scenes for his ABC show Ocean Mysteries.

He and his team caught possibly the largest freshwater fish ever in history after they reeled in a Giant Stingray… that came in at approximately 800 pounds and 14 feet long!!!

Those numbers would beat out the fish with the current record in the world, which is a Mekong giant catfish which weighs 660 pounds that also originates from Thailand.

What are they putting in the water over there huh?!

A VERY excited Jeff Corwin revealed the news online on Wednesday and you could tell he was SO pumped about his catch!

Here’s what he wrote on Twitter:

“potential world record freshwater fish, giant stingray, 14ft X 8ft! in Thailand filming for ABC’s Ocean Mysteries”


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Jeff later wrote on Facebook the following:

“WORLD RECORD! I (and the Ocean Mysteries team) are so excited! Turns out this giant freshwater stingray maybe a world record for the largest freshwater fish ever captured! It measured over 14 ft long and over 8 ft wide! I will let you know the final results! FYI, this stingray was captured with the world’s leading specialist on these animals Dr Ning, the information from her study is solely for conservation, and as you can see in the picture this is the moment of release, the animal is doing well and thriving. The entire story will be featured in a future episode of Ocean Mysteries on ABC. Cheers from Thailand, Jeff”

So cool!

And we’re so happy the animal is doing well after its release!

What a catch for everyone involved! Congratulations to him and his team for showing the world that we still have so much to learn and discover on this majestic place called Earth!

Maybe there are even BIGGER Stingrays out there! As this story proves — it’s totally possible!!!

Check out a video of the catch going down (below) !!

[Image via Twitter.]

Mar 13, 2015 4:46pm PDT

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