Men’s Health Writer Goes On A Justin Bieber Rant & Calls Singer ‘Offensive’! See What He Wrote HERE!

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His roast hasn’t happened yet but that doesn’t mean people are laying off this singer until then!

Justin Bieber recently was on the cover of the magazine Men’s Health and while magazines are known to not pull a lot of punches for these cover story interviews – this was definitely an exception to that norm!

The writer of an article for the magazine, Oliver Broudy, laid into Bieber in his story about the singer and lambasted Bieber for his immature and demanding ways. He even called Bieber “offensive!”

Here’s what Oliver wrote:

“It’s not that you don’t like Justin Bieber. You actually find him offensive. Why? Because his success primarily depends on skillful producers and shrieking tweens? Because he managed to steal the attention of half the planet’s girls by basically becoming one of them? Or maybe it’s just that he’s never had to deal with all the crap the rest of us have. Like public transportation. Job interviews. Getting fired, or dumped, or ignored at the bar. Mowing the f***ing lawn. This is a kid who had his bodyguards carry him up the Great Wall of China. Everything was handed to him. And now he’s a big boy and he thinks manhood is going to be handed to him, too. And you’re like, no, dude. No.”

Wow! Them is some fighting words!

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But Oliver doesn’t stop there! He also writes about watching Bieber grow up:

“Watching it is painful, like watching a skunk attempt to work loose from a bear trap. But there’s something fascinating about it as well. It turns into a kind of dark sport. And if you watch long enough, you can’t help but think Jaysus, if I only had five minutes with the kid…But what exactly would you say? And could he even hear you if he hasn’t learned to listen yet?”

After all of the Bieber ranting, the writer seems to try and tone it down by the end as he writes:

“As he talks you realize the funny way you each want to be like the other. He wants to be like you. Real. Limited. Bounded. You want to be like him. Or do you?”

Wow! We wonder what type of response Justin Bieber will have to all of this?!

At least he got paid for this kind of hate! That’s one silver lining even after getting ripped to shreds by this Men’s Health writer!

[Image via Peter Hapak/Men’s Health.]

Mar 14, 2015 4:20pm PDT

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