50 Cent Reads The World’s Mind And Wants To Turn One Direction’s Zayn Malik Into A Rapper! Wait… Really?

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A young man joins a boy band, and becomes an international hit.

He tours the world, releases records and set hearts-a-flutter across the world of teen girls.

Then he eventually leaves that boy band and starts hanging out with rappers and eventually starts rapping.

No, we’re not talking about Justin Timberlake, we’re talking about the potential future career of One Direction‘s Zayn Malik!

…if 50 Cent has his way, at least!

Yup, apparently 50 Cent sees some real potential in Zayn, saying:

“If Zayn wants a rap career, just because of who he is, he is going to sell records. But if he wants to be credible he has to be with the right people. I’d happily sign him up to my label, mentor him and have him working with the biggest rappers on the planet.”

Wow, he must really believe that Zayn has a chance.

This whole thing worked back when Timbaland took Justin Timberlake under his wing — but 50 and Zayn??

Honestly, we’d kinda waaaay love to hear Zayn legit rapping.

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Whether we’re blown away or left as a quivering ball of cringe, we’d love to hear it.

Do U think Zayn stands a chance if he goes solo and tries to become a rapper?? Let us know in the comments!

Mar 16, 2015 12:17pm PDT

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