The Game Of Thrones Night’s Watch Boyfriend Pillow Looks AMAZING! Like A Headless Jon Snow But Not In A Creepy Way, We Swear!

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What’s the best part about watching Game of Thrones with another person?

Grabbing onto them during the shocking deaths and burying our tears deep in them after those aforementioned deaths.

The only problem with that is, a real person might not want to be grabbed or injected with tears.

Thankfully, UK-based internet television service NOW TV has come up with the perfect solution: the Night’s Watch Boyfriend Pillow!

NOW TV created one of those huggable, boyfriend-replacement pillows and made it look and feel just like a real Night’s Watchman!

It’s got the fur and the buckles and everything!

They were lucky enough to team with Lucy Watson, from the British television series Made in Chelsea, who loves the pillow, saying:

“I’m a huge Game of Thrones fan and am catching up on season four of the show on NOW TV before season five starts, so it’s fresh in my mind. It’s so annoying when people talk through my favorite shows, but the Night’s Watch Boyfriend Pillow is the perfect solution – a snuggle partner that can’t talk! And what more could a girl want than a Night’s Watch warrior to cuddle up to?”

Sadly, they’re not selling the pillows!

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You’d have to win one! Apparently, all you have to do is follow @NOWTV on Twitter to enter.

We’ll just wait until a full-sized (fully “equipped”) Jon Snow pillow comes out. Then it’ll be all Game of Bones time! LOLz!

[Image via NOW TV.]

Mar 16, 2015 8:00pm PDT

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