​The Walking Dead Kills Off Two More Characters As The Season End Draws Closer! Did Your Fave Get Ripped To Shreds?? Do You Care??

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In case you didn’t watch this week’s episode of The Walking Dead, stop reading now, because this will ruin everything!

It wouldn’t be a normal episode if someone didn’t die (usually a stinky zombie or two), but since the end of Season 5 is near, the writers killed off two actual characters!

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Episode 14 was bloody.

Basically, Nicholas is just the worst and wouldn’t help his buddy Aiden (originally thought to be dead), who was also the worst, so Aiden became the walkers’ first victim of the week. No big loss there. Then, by carelessly leaving a door open, Noah was yanked limb from limb by the zombies!


And also sad. While Noah was a new cast member from just this season, and we haven’t really been able to get attached to him yet, he WAS a good person.

Following his death, the actor who plays Noah, Tyler James Williams, explained that he never thought his character would last anyway. Did you?

How do you feel about the losses???

Mar 16, 2015 11:43am PDT

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