Sociology Professor Teaches Her Students How NOT To Act On A Crowded Plane…

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Do as she says, not as she does.

A video went viral recently of a woman acting a tad bizarre on board a flight from Nicaragua to America as she screams about the U.S. declaring war against Venezuela.

Since going viral, however, it has come forward that the woman is actually a 52-year-old Sociology professor from Penn State Abington, and not just some lunatic who’s really into oil prices.

We’ve found two YouTube videos that document Karen Halnon‘s behavior before she was arrested for disorderly conduct in Miami.

The first clip gives some context about what she was screaming about, while the second features the teacher going full on Kristen Wiig in that Bridesmaids airplane scene!

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Seriously… she lights a cigarette, hides it in the seat in front of her, and then blames it on the stranger in right next to her!

We do hope that she’s okay and this was all somehow a giant misunderstanding, but the reactions from the people seated next to her make the videos pretty hard to not laugh at.

Ch-ch-check them out and see for yourself (below)!!!

Mar 17, 2015 8:31pm PDT

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