Dolce & Gabbana Get Slammed By Their Own Executive! Read His Defiant Letter Of Resignation HERE!

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The backlash against Dolce & Gabbana rages on!

On Tuesday, the director of D&G’s magazine Swide resigned from his position of SEVEN YEARS over the insensitive remarks the designers recently made about same-sex parenting.

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In a brutally honest and emotional Facebook post, Giuliano Federico took a stand for a “more modern and egalitarian future for Italy’s citizens and its children.”

The director made a point to emphasize “all children,” which is clearly a dig at D&G’s claim that children born to LGBT parents are “synthetic.”

While Federico doesn’t deliver any low blows to the designers, he is very adamant about his commitment to working with a company that aligns with his conscience and values, a standard D&G currently doesn’t meet.

Overall, the resignation letter is poignant, brave, and well-written.

Read the full statement (below)!

“Dear friends of Facebook,
I am writing to inform you that today I have resigned my resignation as editor of, the magazine published by Dolce & Gabbana. It ‘was a difficult decision, but serene. In recent years along with the preparation and to the many collaborators around the world, we have told in English Italy and the Italians of yesterday and today, trying to follow the thread of the extraordinary ability that Stefano and Domenico have to make the pop ‘immense cultural heritage of our country. I think designers should do the designers and talk with clothes. And I think it is fair to recognize Stefano and Domenico’s ambitious and visionary desire to make their brand and their fashion creations bearers of values. However, the latest legitimately expressed by Dolce Gabbana and in the interview with the weekly Panorama about what a family and what are the ways in which people can legitimately form family, then two values ├óΓé¼ΓÇ╣├óΓé¼ΓÇ╣that touch the Italian public debate, and not only, are totally incompatible with my conscience as a human being in the contemporary world and inconsistent with my commitment to individual involved in the political debate. This is why I resigned from the post of managing director of And ‘now that people thought, as I believe to be, make small gestures like this. I am proud to be Italian, our traditions and our past, but I think that Italy can look to a more modern and egalitarian future for its citizens and its children. All the children.”

Congrats on committing to your beliefs, Giuliano! You’ve done the LGBT community and their supporters proud!

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Mar 17, 2015 11:21am PDT

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