Guess The Celebrity Who Was Brave Enough To Go Barefoot In New York!

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Is that sidewalk even sanitary?! Actually, it’s in New York, so don’t answer that question! LOLz!

This celeb was actually caught on camera stepping out onto the dirtiest city streets in the world without ANY feet protection!

Srsly, who said this was a good idea or even allowed her to leave the building like this?!

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Can you guess which celeb is actually brave enough to do this?! We’ll help you out a bit.

It’s not Britney Spears — even though she did have that incident where she walked barefoot into a public bathroom!

This gal is very in tune with the earth, as well as the sidewalk…

You might call this behavior Divergent

Give up already??

It’s actually…

Shailene Woodley!

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The Insurgent actress was seen going barefooted through the streets of NY after her movie premiere on Monday evening.

We totally get that heels hurt, but that’s why you get your assistant or someone in your entourage to carry some comfy slippers for ya!

[Image via Ginsburg Spaly.]

Mar 17, 2015 3:28pm PDT

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