Buffy Star Nicholas Brendon Opens Up About His Recent Arrests — And Reveals A Startling History Of Sexual Abuse

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This is incredibly sad!

As we reported last week, Buffy the Vampire Slayer star Nicholas Brendon was arrested in Tallahassee, Florida for destroying his hotel room after a comic convention.

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This was the third arrest in less than six months; similar intoxicated incidents occurred in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Idaho.

Well now the 43-year-old is finally explaining his actions. He confessed:

“I’ve been battling a lot of depression throughout my life and I’ve been kind of handling it the wrong way.”

The actor then explained that this depression all stems from what happened to him as a child. He revealed:

“I’m a survivor of sexual abuse when I was a kid. It’s just something that you’re embarrassed of and I’ve never really talked about it and if something good can come out of this and I can talk about it and help people out and change my behavior, that’d be great.”

How horrible!

Though his attacker went to jail, Nicholas says the painful memories continue to haunt him to this day, and that he has been trying to block them out with alcohol.

Brendon believes that opening up about his history of abuse is the first step in him overcoming his substance issues.

We greatly applaud Nicholas for his honesty and we hope he gets the help he needs!

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Mar 17, 2015 12:06pm PDT

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