Wait, Was Scott Disick PAID To Go To Rehab? Get The Suspicious Deets HERE!

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Talk about shady!

Shortly after Scott Disick announced on Monday that he checked himself into a Costa Rican rehab facility for addiction, we’ve learned the reality star might have been PAID to receive treatment.

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Wait, why would a rehab center pay for a millionaire’s treatment?

Essentially, Rythmia Life Advancement Center was JUST opened in February and the owners might be looking to generate some buzz through booking Scott as a client.

Not to mention the poppa of three will drum up some publicity for season 10 of Keeping Up With the Kardashians which premiered this past Sunday.

An insider elaborated:

“He is 100,000% getting paid by the facility. The rehab center even sent a press release about him. Why would they do that if he was not getting paid? They have to adhere to strict confidentiality. He’s pulling down big dollars on this one. I heard mid-six figures.”

Mid-six figures?! How insane!

Apparently a family friend said that Scotty talked to the Kardashians on Monday — and told them he was in Costa Rica on “business.”

Sigh. Has Disick traded in club appearances for rehab stints?

Since it seems like LD actually has a real substance abuse problem, we hope he’s getting some REAL help along with his paycheck.

So, what do YOU think about Scott allegedly getting paid to attend rehab?

[Image via Instagram.]

Mar 17, 2015 9:26am PDT

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