Diplo Reveals Taylor Swift’s Fans Are Worse Than North Korea’s Army — Says Messing With The Popstar Was One Of The ‘Biggest Mistakes’ Of His Career!

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Is there anything more terrifying than a massive mob of screaming teenage girls?!

Diplo DEFINITELY doesn’t think so.

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As we reported in November, the DJ got into hot water for writing the following tweet about Taylor Swift:

To which TayTay’s bestie Lorde responded:

What also added fuel to the fire was the fact that at the time, the Major Lazar producer was dating Katy Perry, Miz Swift’s enemy.

In the Spring/Summer issue of GQ Style, the 36-year-old completely regrets messing with the Shake It Off singer, mainly due to her huge fan base who he describes as “an army that’s worse than North Korea.”

Holy crap!

The electronic artist claims he definitely learned his lesson:

“All I know is don’t ever get into a feud with Taylor Swift. She has like 50 million people that will die for her.”

In fact, he credits the feud with being one of the lowest points in his career!

He admits:

“You can’t step into that arena. That was something I was never prepared for … one of the biggest mistakes of my career was definitely f—ing with her.”

Luckily, at this year’s Grammys, the two made up and even took a photo to prove it!

Swifties: 1 Diplo: 0

[Image via KT Auleta/GQ/WENN.]

Mar 18, 2015 2:37pm PDT

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