Drink Up! Scientists Are Developing A Hangover Free Wine!

Scientists are developing hangover free wine

Wine is, in one word, AH-Mazing! But the next day wine hangovers are so vicious that they can discourage even the biggest winos from enjoying the delicious beverage.

Well, that could change very soon! Scientists at the University of Illinois are engineering a new yeast that might be the answer to our wine hangover problems!

Scientists have developed an enzyme that can perform “precise metabolic engineering” to the little microbes that make up our favorite vino. This means they can increase the health benefits of wine while also alleviating the pounding headaches and other yucky hangover symptoms we get the next day! Hallelujah!

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The yeast created by this new enzyme can lead to wine with increased levels of resveratrol, which is the magical antioxidant in wine we’re always hearing about. Resveratrol can fight cancer, clear acne and even sharpen the mind!

After being engineered, this antioxidant would be almost ten times more prevalent in each glass of Merlot!

The enzyme also has properties that makes wine smoother and leads to fewer toxic byproducts. This would result in a disease fighting super-wine that’s great for our skin and virtually hangover free!

We’ll drink to that!

As long as it tastes the same!

Mar 18, 2015 5:40pm PDT

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