EXCLUSIVE! What’s Up With Scott Disick’s Hallucinogenic Rehab Treatment?! Neuroscientist Billi Gordon Gives Us His Expert Opinion!

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Umm, what’s an Iboga tree?

As soon as we heard that Scott Disick was headed to a Costa Rican rehab center to cure his addiction with hallucinogenic drugs, we knew we needed some EXCLUSIVE insight!

So, we reached out to our friend, Dr. Billi Gordon, one of the world’s most influential neuroscientists. Gordon regularly conducts brain research at the Center for the Neurobiology of Stress which is affiliated with the prestigious David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA.

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Obviously, we had A LOT of questions about the Iboga treatment, which involves roots from a small African tree that allegedly helps people battle addiction. The Iboga root acts like a hallucinogenic drug, stimulating the central nervous system when taken in small doses — and when taken in larger doses, it can cause visions.

Here’s what Dr. G had to say about the controversial treatment:

“Ibogaine works because all addictions are about two things: habit formation and releasing dopamine (the brain’s happy dance drug). Ibogaine affects serotonin, a neuromodulator, (nerd for turns the happy dance drug dial up or down). So it decreases your need to do the drug.”

Very inneresting! Sounds like this treatment could possibly work for Disick!

But wait…there’s a negative side:

“Tragically, ibogaine is terrible for your heart. Specifically, it often causes irregular heartbeats, which is a primary cause of strokes.”

Uh-oh, that’s NOT good! Especially when Scotty has Kourtney Kardashian and his three kiddos back home!

The doc added:

“Ibogaine is used in many countries. However, in many countries people also eat crocodiles and wear socks with sandals. In good conscience I cannot recommend any of that. What I suggest is Scott sits with his private demons and examines the underlying causes of his need to self-medicate with drugs. To prevent a flood, you dam a river at the source, not the mouth.”

Huh, good point!

So, would YOU ever participate in this alternative addiction treatment?

[Image via Billi Gordon/Instagram.]

Mar 18, 2015 4:41pm PDT

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