Adorable 5-Year-Old ‘Bubble Boy’ Goes Viral After Asking People To Wear Yellow For Him!

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Seth Lane is a 5-year-old from Northamptonshire, England, and he’s absolutely adorable.

He also has severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID), which means he has to live in a special cleanroom. He’s known to some as a “Bubble Boy.”

Seth needs a second bone marrow transplant and so his parents came up with a great way for people to show their support for this young’un!

His mom posted on her blog:

“#wearyellowforseth is something we’d like to do to be able to show Seth all the people in the world that are thinking about him. We have a map of the world in his room and will pin all the countries where people have posted a picture from. Also we will be printing some off and putting them up in his room. Whenever he is struggling (which is rare to be fair) we can show him your pictures.”

So they made a video of Seth holding up yellow posters, explaining his situation, asking that people wear yellow (his favorite color) for him.

The video is just about the cutest thing we’ve seen in a while.

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And his double thumbs up at the end?? Tear-jerkingly priceless.

Check out the video (below) and then go put on some yellow for Seth!!

[Image via OurLittleHero.]

Mar 18, 2015 3:44pm PDT

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