Gun Violence Rears Its Ugly Head Once Again As Two Fatal Shooting Incidents Span The Globe

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This is just awful.

Two communities were shaken on Wednesday due to deadly attacks of gun violence, one domestic and one abroad.

The first incident took place at Tunisia’s Bardo Museum where at least two gunmen reportedly opened fire on tourists and took hostages inside the attraction.

Two hours following the attack, security forced entered the building and killed two gunmen while freeing the hostages. Still, according to Prime Minister Habib Essid, the shooting resulted in 22 deaths; including 20 foreign tourists from around the world, one Tunisian citizen, and one Police Officer.

There is no official word yet on who was responsible for the attack, but the museum is located right next to the country’s Parliament Building. Some reports, as of writing this, are saying that additional gunmen could still be on the loose.

Later in the day, a single gunman opened fire at a motel in Mesa, Arizona, killing one and injuring five.

Apparently, an argument involving the suspect occurred at Tri City Motel which resulted in the shooting death of the first victim. The victim’s mother and girlfriend were also present for the incident, but the gunman reportedly had issues loading his weapon.

The shooter then proceeded to enter East Valley Institute of Technology‘s Bistro 13 restaurant where he reportedly stole a car, and then made his way to nearby apartment complexes and started to shoot people while robbing them.

Luckily, Arizona Police have reportedly apprehended the suspect and he supposedly has a criminal record.

We’ll update you on these two heartbreaking stories and more details unfold, and we just hope that everyone involved stays safe at this time.

What a terrible day.

[Image via Salah Ben Mahmoud/AP Images.]

Mar 18, 2015 5:22pm PDT

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