Anderson Cooper Defends Pal Kathy Griffin’s Fashion Police Exit To Andy Cohen! Watch The Two Go At It In This Clip!

Anderson Cooper defends Kathy Griffin

Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper couldn’t agree less on Kathy Griffin‘s departure from Fashion Police! The two expertly argued about the comedianne’s abrupt exit from the controversial style show during Cohen’s after show Watch What Happens Live!

When a caller asked Cooper what he thought about the funny-lady’s recent split from the show, the CNN anchor said that he texted Griffin right after she announced her exit. He explained:

“I’m a huge Kathy Griffin fan. I want nothing but the best for Kathy, and I think she’s going to go on to bigger and better things.”

Though the mighty Silver Fox was nothing but supportive of his friend and New Year’s Eve Live co-host, Cohen seemed to have an opposing view. The Bravo host said:

“I think it’s like the pot calling the kettle black. She’s like, ‘Oh, I don’t want to make fun of anyone.’ This show’s about making fun of people. And the reason everyone loves Kathy Griffin is she makes fun of people constantly… I mean I love Kathy Griffin too! And I love her humor. But if it wasn’t working, then say it wasn’t working. I didn’t think it was working but don’t make it about the body shaming.”

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Cooper pointed out that like Griffin said in her “long, well-written statement”, she has performed her humor “in a different way.” But the newsanchor wasn’t as forgiving to other Fashion Police hosts. He continued:

“To be completely honest, I don’t understand some of the other folks who are on that show. I would watch that show for Kathy Griffin. Some of the other people, I was like: I don’t get why this person is on television.”

Tell us more, Coop!

Wanna see the two TV personalities go at it? Watch what happens (not live) in the video (below)!

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Mar 19, 2015 10:30am PDT

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