Maybe Hilary Duff’s Teal ‘Mermaid’ Tresses Weren’t The Best Idea After All! Eek!

Hilary Duff goes out in public with her new green hair.

Uh, was the finished dye job supposed to look like this?

We’d be demanding our money back!

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The preview of Hilary Duff getting her hair dyed teal gave us a completely different idea of how her locks would end up — we thought the color would be MUCH more vibrant!

Kind of like Kylie Jenner‘s version HERE!

But these images of the Duffster out and about in Los Angeles on Wednesday reveal a rather washed-out seafoam green color and grayish roots that don’t really inspire a positive reaction.

On the other hand, Hilary did say she wanted to look like a mermaid, and this is pretty much how we’d expect a mermaid’s hair to look after swimming in saltwater all day.

So, um, success?

Dressed in leggings, sneakers, and a bright pink sports bra under a white tee, the 27-year-old did look like she was just returning from the gym, so maybe that’s one reason her hair was so underwhelming.

What do YOU guys think of this dye job???

[Image via WENN.]

Mar 19, 2015 2:23pm PDT

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