Jerry Springer Producer Arrested & Released For The Murder Of Her Deaf Sister — But Now Cops Think She Staged Her Death As A Suicide!

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This takes the drama typical of a Jerry Springer production to a whole new, scary level.

That’s right, producer of The Jerry Springer show Jill Blackstone was at first arrested on Monday for the alleged murder of her deaf and partially blind sister, Wendy, before being released on Wednesday evening.

But now, police allegedly believe that she’s behind all this after all.

According to law enforcement sources, paramedics arrived on the scene of Jill and Wendy’s home on Saturday afternoon, where they found Wendy’s body on the floor of their garage, which also had a BBQ grill inside.

The BBQ grill was laid out at Wendy’s feet, which made cops believe that it was a murder scene, and Wendy was discovered holding a suicide note, which authorities now believe Jill wrote.

In fact, they believe Blackstone allegedly staged the whole thing.

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Jill had initially been treated for carbon monoxide poisoning, before being arrested a few days later, and then released a few days after that.

In addition, Wendy had been seen by only one person since last Thursday, and that was Jill!

We’ll have to wait until toxicology results come in to discover Wendy’s cause of death, and we’ll keep you posted on whether or not Jill is re-arrested.

Mar 19, 2015 2:04pm PST

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