School Apologizes For Reciting The Pledge Of Allegiance In Arabic After Town Residents Complain — Should Anyone Be Upset? You Decide!

School issues apology for saying the pledge in Arabic

A school in upstate New York has issued an apology after receiving backlash for having a student recite the Pledge of Allegiance in Arabic.

Pine Bush High School‘s foreign language department arranged to have the pledge recited in different languages for National Foreign Language Week. The pledge was read in Arabic during Wednesday morning announcements, which angered some students and subsequently “divided the school in half.”

The District Superintendent received complaints from residents who lost relatives in Afghanistan and from Jewish parents. Here’s what the district had to say:

“The intention was to promote the fact that those who speak a language other than English still pledge to salute this great country.”

The school principal made a building-wide announcement Wednesday afternoon to apologize to students who took offense to the pledge being recited in Arabic. The school also issued an apology on their website, saying:

“To any students, staff or community members who found this activity disrespectful.”

It’s hard to believe that anyone would find a celebration of another language “disrespectful.”

The school, located just outside the cultural melting pot of New York City, didn’t break any regulations. A spokesman from New York State Education Department said:

“State regulation specifies the wording of the Pledge, not the language.”

Why would it when one in five Americans don’t speak English at home? As far as we know, no complaints were made about any other language the pledge was said in.

The school has declared that the pledge will be read only in English from now on. Which means that next year, they’ll have to celebrate National Foreign Language Week in a way that’s less offensive to some of it’s town residents.


Mar 19, 2015 6:29pm PDT

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