Heroic Dog Saves ALL Of Her Nine Puppies From A Terrible Fire In Chile!

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Something amazing happened in Chile this past weekend.

It was in that country that a forest fire ripped through the woods when a hero mom dog came up with an amazing solution to save her puppies who were caught its its blazing path!

The dog named Blacky created a makeshift shelter for ALL of her puppies by digging a hole AWAY from the fire and leading her nine puppies away from the danger!

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When firefighters went looking for the doggies, they found them all safe and sound all because of this smart mama dog!

Which unfortunately was not the case for at least one person who was found dead because of the fire — thousands of people were also forced to evacuate their homes.

But Blacky and her brood may actually be getting a NEW home sooner than most as many people have expressed interest in adopting her and her puppies after witnessing her heroism from the news!

And you know what? Any home would be lucky to have such an amazing dog! She may even prove to save their life one day!

Anything is possible with this dog it seems!

Watch a short clip of some of the dogs getting rescued down (below) !

Mar 20, 2015 9:44am PDT

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