Jimmy Fallon And Ben Stiller Talk Zoolander‘s Revival & Forget Their Names In A New Game On The Tonight Show!!

Sometimes comedy comes from just two funny people sitting down together.

Which is what happened on The Tonight Show when Jimmy Fallon had Ben Stiller on as his guest and the two came up with some hilarious memories together!

It started as the two talked about Ben’s recent revival of Zoolander but then launched into a laughing tirade when this two played one amazing game!

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It featured Ben and Jimmy pretending to be nice to each other, pretending to be too nosy with each other, and also pretending that they couldn’t remember each others names!

Yeah right! Like that would ever happen!

Who could forget names like Johnny Falcon and Bert Stillman? Oh, wait. We just did right now, ha!

We guess it is possible!!!

Check out BOTH videos from the very special Thursday night (above) and (below) !!!

Mar 20, 2015 11:11am PDT

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