Kanye West Cancels His Appearance On Jimmy Kimmel Live!! And The Talk Show Host Had This To Say!

Kanye cancels talk show appearance

Just another day of controversies for Kanye West. It’s been reported that the Yeezus rapper won’t be appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live this week as scheduled!

The 37-year-old star was set to appear on the late-night talk show, filming this week in Texas for SXSW. Kanye was scheduled to participate in the popular #MeanTweets segment and perform in a skit that poked fun of his award show interruptions. Sources say a special set was even built for the rapper!

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Though the non-appearance might just be due to Kanye’s busy schedule. A rep for the rapper said this regarding the cancellation:

“We were never confirmed … We took extraordinary steps and worked directly with the show to make it happen. Logistics were insurmountable.”

It doesn’t sound like anyone is too upset over the ordeal, as a spokesperson from the hit show said they look forward to having Kanye back. Host Jimmy Kimmel joked of the no-show:

“If you do not like Kanye West, make sure to tune in Friday night to not see him.”

Seems like we’ll see Kanye back on the show eventually. And we’re sure there will be no shortage of mean tweets for the rapper to recite when he returns!!

Mar 20, 2015 1:47pm PDT

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