Lena Dunham Got Scandal-ized! Find Out All About Her Episode’s 50 Shades Escapades HERE!

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Lena Dunham‘s dream-come-true guest starring role on Scandal finally aired — and it was a bit of a nightmare!


In an ep that could have been titled Hannah and her Misters, Lena played a lady named Sue with a proclivity for S&M — and a tell-all book!

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Abby found out that Leo and David (both of whom she’d slept with — damn, gurl) were mentioned in the book as going all Fifty Shades Of Grey with Sue!

Since just the association would ruin her White House career, she had to hire Olivia to handle that scandal!

Olivia found a way — as Kerry Washington always does — to convince Sue that getting her sexual power back is easier than airing your dirty laundry in a sex book; just sue the pants off the boss that sexually harassed you!

So Sue was about to have a happy ending getting a job as a sex columnist for the Washington Post — until Huck came around and SLIT HER THROAT!

No hucking way!

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See, he couldn’t risk David’s career as Attorney General getting ruined by Sue’s book before he got his plea deal!

So sadly, Lena’s Scandal time was just a one-off, over before it even began.

Unless she turns out to have a vengeance-seeking twin. It could happen. That show cray!

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Mar 20, 2015 10:01am PDT

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