Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool Love Interest Confirmed! Find Out Who Morena Baccarin Will Play In This Revealing Backstage Photo!

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When we heard Morena Baccarin had joined the cast of Ryan Reynolds‘ upcoming Deadpool movie, we thought for sure she’d be playing the assassin Domino.

But that’s just what she WANTED you to think!

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It turns out the Firefly and Homeland star will be playing Deadpool’s lady love Vanessa Carlysle AKA Copycat!

Morena shared the news with a behind-the-scenes photo! She tweeted:

Good casting! Morena is a dead ringer for Vanessa!

Um, except for the blue skin and white hair…

Copycat, like the X-Men‘s Mystique, can shape shift into anyone — only she can steal their powers, not just their looks!

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We actually weren’t far off with our Domino guess; Copycat once posed as Domino for several months, hooking up with Deadpool in both forms!

She’s just as crazy as he is!

Speaking of the protagonist with the most… agonist..? …Ryan shared his seatback (if only it’d been his backseat!) as well, tweeting:

Suh-weet! Sounds like they’re finally getting Deadpool right!

Between this and Channing Tatum‘s Gambit movie, we couldn’t be more X-cited!

[Image via Marvel/Brian To/WENN.]

Mar 20, 2015 1:10pm PST

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