A Fire In Chicago Burns Down Part Of A Building That Manufactures Firewood And Gasoline… JK! They Made… Fire Extinguishers??

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This is pretty scary!

Thursday night, firefighters were called to put out a fire at a factory that produces… fire extinguishers!

Call it an event of cruel irony, but over 150 firefighters were called to the scene of a Chicago neighborhood to put out a building that was engulfed in flames. Part of this facility contains a business that manufactures fire extinguishers!

Because the production of fire extinguishers involves a lot of chemicals, the department called in a HazMat response — a specialized team to deal with hazardous goods.

But luckily, the response was not needed and called off. Since part of the building collapsed under the intense flames, the fire crews had to pour water on the building so they could to douse the hot-spots underneath the debris!

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Official said the toughest part was getting enough water to the structure. Six fire engines were required to pump enough water to the building. The department’s Fire Commissioner explained:

“We had one engine feed another engine to another engine until we got water on the fire.”

Luckily, the fire team was able to control the flames. No injuries have been reported, but the cause of the fire still remains under investigation! Check out the news report in the video (below)!

Mar 21, 2015 12:01am PST

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