No One RSVP’d For This 13-Year-Old’s Birthday Party… So Twitter Let Him Know How Much He Was Loved!

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This is so heartwarming!

A boy named Odin had a birthday party on Friday… but the only problem was that none of his classmates RSVP’d for his party.

You see, Odin identifies as a person with Aspergers, so he unfortunately has to deal with a ton of bullying at school.

So, when none of Odin’s peers said they would go to his 13th birthday party, Odin’s mom Melissa Camus took to Facebook to ask for support, saying:

“Some of you have seen me post about my son, Odin. His struggles with bullying, his difficulties with Aspergers. Well, today is his 13th birthday. And, unfortunately, not one kid rsvp’d to his birthday ‘hang out’ invite. :-(“

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However, since the rest of the world isn’t as cruel as Odin’s friends, a bunch of celebrities took to Twitter to tell Odin happy birthday!

We hope you had an amazing birthday, Odin!!!

Mar 22, 2015 5:23pm PDT

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