David Hasselhoff Gives Us The Best News Ever! Sharknado 3 Will Be ‘The Worst Movie You Have Ever Seen!’

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We wonder how David Hasselhoff will survive the sharks of Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! Or should we say, we wonder how the sharks will survive David?

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In a recent sit down, the Hoff who will appear in the third installation confirmed that this sequel will in fact be the most terrible thing your eyes will ever witness:

“You know, it’s the worst movie you have ever seen. The first one was the worst. The second one I think was even worse than the first. I’m so honored to be in Sharknado 3.”

This “film” franchise that has been the unexpected viral hit of the SyFy network has cornered the so-bad-it’s-good market!

David went on to happily detail what a blast he had working on the movie:

“I’ll tell you, I had so much fun making the movie. The people who make the movie have such a great sense of humor. They are the nicest people. Everybody’s in on the joke, and it is so much fun. I’m telling you this thing is gonna go on forever. And the last shot of me is me on top of the moon [saluting]. I said [to the director], ‘Are you gonna kill me?’ And they said, ‘No, you’ll be in ‘Sharknado 4.'”

Oh dang! David’s returning for a fourth Sharknado? Are all of our dreams coming true at once?!

We can’t to see the third installation of this trilogy on July 22nd on the Syfy channel!

Mar 23, 2015 11:17pm PDT

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