Jon Hamm Gets Advice On Saying Goodbye To Mad Men‘s Don Draper From Walter White Himself, Bryan Cranston!!

Bryan Cranston gives Jon Hamm advice on saying goodbye to Mad Men

Jon Hamm has graced our television screens with one of the most iconic characters in the past decade, playing Don Draper in AMC‘s Mad Men!

As the series approaches its end, the 44-year-old has been understandably nervous to say goodbye to the show that made him a star.

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But Jon got some advice from a fellow actor who recently bid farewell to his iconic character and hit show: Bryan Cranston!

In a new spread (see the hot pics above), Jon revealed to GQ what the Breaking Bad star told him not too long ago. He said:

“‘It’s hard, man. It’s hard to let it go. It’ll hit you a couple of different ways at different times.'”

Aww! At least he’s not alone! He has Walter White on his side!

As the final episodes of Mad Men premiere on April 5, Hamm isn’t all that certain about the future of his career, saying:

“The one constant thing I’ve had in my career is now removed. And that’s an eye-opener: Are people still going to take me seriously? Am I just going to do romantic comedies for the rest of my life? What’s next? And I don’t know, you know? I wish I was smug enough to have had a grand plan.”

We’re sure the optimistic Jon will land on his feet!

But playing a character with dark internal struggles like Don Draper has taken its toll over the past 7 seasons. The actor continues:

“You’re kind of hoping for redemption, and it’s not forthcoming.├óΓé¼┬ª To consistently come in and be the bummer was always like, ‘Oh, that’s not fun.’ But at the same time, it’s been like the greatest obstacle course in the world. A puzzle to ├»┬¼┬ügure out.”

We wonder if this means the star will be taking a break from dramas to exercise his comedic chops, like he did recently with a HIGHlarious guest appearance on The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt?

Either way, we’re sure we’ll be seeing no shortage of Hamm anytime soon!

[Image via Joseph Marzullo/WENN.]

Mar 23, 2015 3:26pm PDT

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