Womp, Womp — Liam Payne Shares The Saddest & Funniest Picture Of One Direction EVER!

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A picture says a thousand words.

On March 23, Liam Payne posted a hilarious, sad, and all around ridiculous photo of himself with the members of One Direction minus a very important member…

Zayn Malik!

In the snap, Liam comically has his hand over Zayn’s face in what appears to be a poster of the group — which is obviously making light of the singer’s break from their world tour.

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Payne captioned the funny snap:

sorry for the laughs guys.”

While this photo is definitely priceless, it does make us feel a tad sad for Malik! We miss the 22-year-old!

Upon seeing the pic, we wonder if the boy bander’s reaction was like this:

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All jokes aside, we’re sure Liam meant no harm by the tweet!

Check out the 21-year-old’s follow-up messages (below)!

Umm, what is going on here?!


Could L.P. be referring to…THIS?!

Ha! We’re definitely going to keep our eyes on Liam from now on — it’s clear he has quite the sense of humor!

So, do YOU think Payne’s post was too soon?

[Image via Twitter.]

Mar 23, 2015 5:50pm PST

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