Celebrity Big Brother Hell! Perez Opens Up To Jenny McCarthy About His Time In The House And Why He’s In Therapy!

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Our time on Celebrity Big Brother was one of the most traumatic things we’ve ever been through!

Perez co-hosted Jenny McCarthy’s SiriusXM radio show, Dirty Sexy Funny, on Monday and he opened up and WIDE about his time in the house and why it has left him seeing his therapist – A LOT!

We digged deep into…

– Being really unwell in that house.
One Direction.
– Dealing with that British Ann Coulter troll and all the drama that ensued with her.
– Why things played out the way they did in the house, now that we have perspective on the situation.
– Mistakes we made, like not watching the show ahead of time.
– Bullies and how to deal with them.
– Why we agreed to do the show and if we’d ever do it again.
– The differences between the U.K. version of the show and the American version.
– Being locked in the bedroom at night, with the shutters down and no concept of light or dark.
– Regressing to childhood in that house.
– Gaining weight on the show and after we left.
– Adjusting to life after Celebrity Big Brother.
– Why we’re in therapy and karma!

All that and MORE!

Listen to it…. after the jump!

Mar 23, 2015 5:32pm PDT

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