Ted Cruz Becomes The First Official 2016 Presidential Candidate — With A Tweet!

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Donald Trump may be thinking about running for President in 2016, and we may still have high hopes for Hillary Clinton, but the first official hat has been thrown into the ring by…

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Ted Cruz.

Yep, the guy who spearheaded the Tea Party’s efforts that led to 2013’s government shutdown is now seeking the highest political office in the land.

And you can tell this is for 2016, because he announced his campaign on Twitter! Along with his first campaign video, he wrote:

For those wondering, the Canadian-born Cruz is technically eligible to run for President because his mother was an American citizen.

But considering all the flack his party gave President Obama over his place of birth (Hawaii, totally a state), it’s a pretty inneresting factoid.

Also of note?

About a month ago, Senator Cruz co-introduced a bill to give states the right to not recognize same sex marriages, setting back a lot of progress that has been done at a national level.

Just something to think about.

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Mar 23, 2015 10:11am PDT

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