Rick’s Attempt To Start A Fight Club Goes Horribly Wrong! Get Your GIF Recap Of The Walking Dead HERE!

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The Walking Dead is really bringing everything to a head!

With everyone nice and safe and clean and shaved in Alexandria, you just knew the biggest conflicts were going to be between breathers. (That’s what zombies call us behind our backs. True story.)

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So how did Rick’s idyllic sheriff gig end with him all bloody and screaming??


When Rick found out that Jessie’s husband Pete was beating her, he wanted to kill him.

Understandable, only he was totes serious. He even asked Alexandria’s leader Deanna if it was OK!

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Obvi she told him no, so Rick ended up going rogue and getting into a fight with him.

We guess he threw all ideas of peaceful resolution out the window. Oh no, wait, he through PETE out the window.

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Seeing as it was over a woman’s honor and involved crashing through a window, it made us think of the fight from the end of Bridget Jones’s Diary.

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Only, ya know, way WAY more brutal.

By the time the fisticuffs were over, Rick was punch drunk and covered in blood. He even pulled out his secret gun and screamed at everyone about the way the world worked.

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Rick has officially become your crazy uncle at Thanksgiving.

Thankfully the show’s true badass Michonne made sure cooler heads prevailed by giving Rick a much-needed Wyatt Earp-style head-bashing.

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So what’s going to happen to Rick now?

Watch this clip of next week’s season finale (below) to find out!

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Mar 23, 2015 11:29am PDT

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