Wonder Woman Star Gal Gadot Has A Super Strong Response To Body Criticism! See How She Deflects ‘Skinny’ & ‘Small Boob’ Comments HERE!

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Why is it every woman who brings a classic female character to life has to defend her body??

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When Gal Gadot was cast as Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice, she got some pretty harsh critiques about her looks. Specifically, she says:

“They said that I was too skinny and my boobs were too small.”

But just like bullets bounce off the superhero’s bracelets, the comments don’t faze this Gal in the slightest!

In an interview with Robot Underdog, the Israeli actress got real about the boob talk, and even dropped a little Amazon knowledge on the haters. She said:

“I’m really lucky nothing in my life was instantaneous. When I was younger I would take criticism really hard. But now it mostly amused me. The true Amazons had one boob so it won’t bother them in their archery. So it’s not going to be like real Amazons. We always try to make everyone happy but we can’t.”

Yeah, something tells us no fans are crying out for a one-boobed leading lady. Though that would be pretty hardcore…

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But no matter what the criticism, Gal can take it! She said:

“After they asked me here, In Israel, if I have eating disorders and why am I so skinny — they said my head was too big and my body was like a broomstick — I can take anything. It’s just empty talk. I understand that part of what I’m doing means being exposed. And part of being exposed is being under fire.”

If there’s one woman who can take the heat, it’s the insanely powerful Wonder Woman!

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In fact, Gal isn’t shy about revealing the powers she’s going to put on display in the upcoming flick! She said:

“She has unbelievable endurance. She is exceptionally strong. She can jump really high and practically fly. She know tons of martial arts styles. She is a strong and serious woman.”

Hmm, can practically fly? Interesting.

We’re so excited to get such a strong woman on the big screen! And we’re happy the woman playing her is so strong too!

[Image via Warner Bros.]

Mar 23, 2015 1:21pm PDT

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