Fox Is Suing Everyone Who Stands In The Way Of Its Empire! Find Out Why Their New Biggest Hit Is Causing Legal Problems HERE!

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This is what happens when you mess with Fox.

The network is suing California corporation Empire Distribution, Inc. for the rights to the name Empire, aka their mega successful show.

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In a new trademark lawsuit, Fox is saying they have the rights to Empire, Empire Distribution, and Empire Recordings, and that the companies with these names are hurting their brand.

In their papers, Fox says that Empire Distribution’s brand is so minuscule that they show up on the seventh page of a Google search.

However, they say that they have a host of famous musicians like Kendrick Lamar, N.O.R.E., and Sean Paul, who just happened to work with them BEFORE they hit it big and moved on.

Empire Distribution has filed two claims of their own for the Fox to pay them to use the name! The latest claim stated:

“This letter, again authored by outside counsel, reiterated defendant’s trademark claims, asserted a new claim for unfair competition, and gave Fox three ‘options’ to settle the claims made against it. (1) Fox could pay $5 million and include artists that defendant represents as ‘regular guest stars’ on the fictional television series Empire; (2) Fox could pay defendant $8 million; or (3) Fox could stop using the word ‘Empire.'”

Fox has zero intention of paying them though, and basically just sued them to show Empire Distribution that they won’t be pushed around.

You can see the entire legal doc (below).


Mar 24, 2015 5:24pm PDT

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