Pika Pika! There Are Less Than 1,000 Of The Ili Pika Left In The World! No!

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But… but… but the Ili Pikas are too cute to be endangered!

There are under 1,000 members of this rare, and equally adorable Ochotona iliensis species, located in the mountainous Xinjiang region of northwestern China, so yeah you should definitely be bummed.

Since conservationist Li Weidong discovered the cute critters back in 1983 the Ili Pikas’ numbers have dwindled by nearly 70%.

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Here’s what Li had to say about the adorable little animal’s current demise:

“I discovered the species, and I watched as it became endangered… If it becomes extinct in front of me, I’ll feel so guilty.”

This is so sad.

One of the reasons for their lessening numbers? Rising temperatures, which forced the mountain-dwelling animals to ascend higher and higher in elevation, until there was no more room left to go higher.

So, thanks global warming.

We hope a conservation group steps up to protect this Pika. Like right now.

It would be just another shame upon the human race if we let our man-made problem of global warming cost a species its right to exist.

Mar 24, 2015 11:00pm PDT

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