James Corden’s Late Late Show Debut Beats Seth Meyers! But Not Craig Ferguson??

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Who here loves numbers?! We know you do!!

We could tell you how amazing James Corden was in his debut as the new host of CBSThe Late Late Show, but we’d rather toss numbers around!

His debut show scored a metered market 1.4/5! That’s up 27% from the same night last year, which was a shameful 1.1/4.

Corden even ended up beating out Seth Meyers, who had a 1.2/4!

[ Video: James Corden Reveals How He Became The Host Of The Late Late Show In A RIDICULOUSLY Star-Studded Opener! Watch HERE! ]

Though he couldn’t beat previous host Craig Ferguson‘s debut numbers from January 3, 2005 which came in at 1.6/6!

Ferguson must be rolling in his grave… with laughter! His hilarious, Scottish laughter. Because he had a higher debut but also because he’s not dead. LOLz!

Basically, producers at CBS did everything they could to make sure people knew who Corden was, so they’d be more likely to tune in!

We guess all their advertising paid off, because Corden beat Seth Meyers! Congrats, Corden! Sorry, Seth — we still love you!

Check out the video (below) to get a quick look at James Corden’s Late Late Show debut!

Mar 24, 2015 12:30pm PDT

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