Guy Who Cooked His Parents? Yeah, He’s Getting Life In Prison — Talk About A Slow Burn

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This guy makes Sweeney Todd look like a Saint.

31-year-old Henry Chau has been sentence to life in prison for murdering his parents, dismembering them limb from limb, salting said limbs, and cooking them “like barbecued pork.”

Oh did we say life in prison? Because we meant that he received a double life sentence just in case he’s reincarnated?!

The Hong Kong man’s case began when his parents heads were discovered stuffed into two fridges! Uh hello, leftovers much?

Authorities also found other remains in a garbage bin. Something tells us that this dude and Robert Durst would get along very well.

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When they first went missing, Henry claimed that his parents had traveled to mainland China before confessing to a friend via mobile messaging that he had in fact killed them both and ate them with some Fava beans and a nice Chianti.

Henry also said that he was a “psychopath” in those messages, and that he couldn’t “empathize with people’s pain because of my experience from childhood and adolescence.”

If you need any reason to call your parents, this is it.

Mar 24, 2015 3:16pm PDT

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