The Wildest Pretty Little Liars Fan Theories Ahead Of The #BigAReveal!

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We just don’t know what to think…

We’ve been tricked before, but ABC Family has been promising for weeks that during Tuesday night’s fifth season finale, they’d finally reveal who Big A is on Pretty Little Liars.

There have been literally five years for fans to theorize over who they think could be responsible for torturing Emily, Hanna, Spencer, and Aria, so at this point, anything is possible.

So, we decided to help you out a little before the new episode, and put together a list of all the plausible identities for Big A!

[ Photo: PLL’s Shay Mitchell Goes Topless For Maxim! ]

Caleb: While we’ll be most heart-broken over this outcome, we really think this is a possibility. Think about it; Caleb is the only character with any technical background, i.e. texting everyone and deleting everything, and he always complains about money, but still can afford to do whatever. Sure sound like A to us!

Melissa: We know she’s tried to take down Ali, but that doesn’t necessarily make her Big A. However, she was in London when Spencer found those vials of blood, so she’s a likely candidate as well.

Andrew: Up until last week’s episode, we thought Andrew was just Aria’s newest love interest. But that all changed when he suspiciously was unable to help Aria out the one time she needed him, and he knew about the camp where Mike was tied up. Not very slick of you, A-ndrew.

Mona: She’s been A before, but she’s also kind of dead. However, she’s still star-billed for this season, so if someone was going to come back from the grave, it’d be her!

Alison: We’re really liking Ali as a victim, but it’d kind of be a fun reversal on all of PLL‘s fans if the original bad bitch was THE bad bitch.

Someone New: To be honest, if A ends up being a character we’ve never met before, that would really kill the show for us. We want to be mad/sad about discovering who A is, not confused!

One Of The Liars: We’ve always toyed with the idea that one of the main girls could be setting her friends up, but we never really thought it could happen until the show tweeted out the above pic that just screams foul play.

At first glance, the girls all look like their hands are tied like puppets. But if you look closely, Hanna is actually the only girl with both her hands tied, while Emily is completely free AND has scissors in her hand. Plus, all four girls are covered in mud, which makes us think they’re all hiding something!

We just don’t know anymore!

Let us know who U think is going to be Big A in the comments (below)!!!


[Image via Pretty Little Liars/ABC Family.]

Mar 24, 2015 6:45pm PDT

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